Specialty Coffee

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Where the First Branch joins the White in SoRo.


Bringing specialty coffee to South Royalton!

We source the best beans we can from around the world, showcasing their flavor profiles through the way we roast and serve them.  While our coffee is global, our company supports local agriculture and the community.

Freshly Roasted Beans

We serve coffee as fresh as possible.  Our two Ethiopian coffees (one washed/one natural), a Guatemalan and an espresso blend composed of Brazilian and El Salvador coffees have amazing flavor profiles.  We’re developing a few more blends and will be bringing in coffee from other origins soon. Most of our roasts stay in the medium range.

Coffee Club

We are starting a coffee club where members can have two pounds of  speciality coffee shipped each month. Price will be $35 including shipping and $30 for pick up in the shop.


We will start offering wholesale coffee soon.  We will sell single origin coffee along with two featured blends that are suitable for espresso, drip, french press, pour over or Aeropress.

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(802) 281 8453



228 Chelsea Street
South Royalton, VT



M-Fri 7a–6p
Sa-Su 8p–4p


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The Tasting Room



12-4pm Saturday/Sunday

2-9pm Tuesdays and Fridays


About Us

First Branch Coffee was started by the three owners of Upper Pass Beer Company: Andrew Puchalik, Chris Perry, and Ivan Tomek.  They plan to have a tasting room for the Upper Pass brews in the back of the shop and will do special events there for both companies.

Andrew has been roasting on a 1 kg Mill City for First Branch and they just acquired a 12 kg roaster from US Roaster Corp.  Andrew and his wife Lauren are going to manage the shop.  So far they have a small footprint selling a few kegs of cold brew and pounds of beans a month, as the focus has been on beer production but the larger roaster will change that.  They plan to keep the 1kg roaster for small batches.

Our focus is sourcing high quality ethically sourced beans and roasting them to the sweet spot of their flavor profile.   Medium roast is our favorite but we will also be doing some Nordic and a few darker roasts for certain beans.  You can expect to see beans from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Columbia, and Costa Rica, as regulars on the line-up and some tasty blends.